Counseling Services

Autism Partnership offers a wide range of counseling support. Our experienced clinicians are available for individual and couple counseling and parent support services. Because we specialize in the treatment of autism spectrum disorders (ASD) we have an awareness of the unique challenges individual with ASD and their families are experiencing. Our goal is to increase family stability, create strong sibling support, and assist individuals with ASD gain a fuller understanding of their world and potential. We are experienced in helping those challenged by other issues such as social skills deficits, social anxiety, general anxiety, and depression. Our clinical team is trained in providing cognitive-behaviorally oriented counseling services that focus on the individual’s cognitions, emotions, experiences, understanding of self and relationship dynamics.

For children or teens on the spectrum, counseling can be a helpful adjunct to other interventions or as part of a transition plan from more intensive supports. Siblings of children on the spectrum often need an understanding and supportive place to learn about autism and share how the diagnosis impacts their lives. For parents we offer individual and couples sessions to address the short and long term needs of families.


This service may be of interest to you or someone you know if they are struggling with:

  • The short term and long term implications of the diagnosis for themselves or their family.
  • Feelings of being over-whelmed, anxious, misunderstood or depressed.
  • Questions about coping with the challenges of today and the future.
  • Relationship difficulties experienced with peers, family members, co-workers or others.
  • Adjusting to changes in daily life and expectations.

All counseling sessions are provided at AP Kuwait office or via online.

Counseling services provided by:  

Arevig Keoshgeryan, M. A., MFT

Arev holds a Master of Arts in Marriage and Family Therapy from Northcentral University and has specialized in working with those impacted by ASD for the last 10 years.
She is currently the Parent Consultant & Trainer for Autism Partnership – Kuwait office and provides counseling services to children, individuals, and couples.