Autism is a severe disruption of the normal development process and is often diagnosed within the first few years of life.


My 4-year-old son has only been getting therapy with AP for 10 months, but he has blossomed in that short time. The staff is incredibly caring and supportive.

Julie, parent of a child attending AP (Korea)

Jumpstart left an unforgettable impression on me. I feel like I’m receiving little miracles every day during our 6 months at AP.

Yeonsu Park, parent of a child attending AP (Korea)

We did Jump Start six weeks after my son was diagnosed. When I say it was a life-changing event for everyone, I truly mean it!

Jane Heisel, M.D., M.S.

I’m pleased to see Kyros progressing very well at various stage of development. Not only his social skills have improved, his hand-eye co-ordination and the overall development of fine motor skills have showed progress. I am particularly excited to see his improvement in cognitive skill and he can tell if I am happy or sad now.

Kyros’ Mother